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2006-2007 Undergraduate Catalog 
2006-2007 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Curricula: Geography

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The discipline of geography is broadly based in earth sciences and humanities as well as in the social sciences. Geographers pursue research and teaching in areas as diverse as geomorphology, hydrology, transportation, urban planning, cultural ecology, and human-environment relationships and pre-history. The geography curricula will appeal to undergraduates seeking a general yet practical University education. Geographers find employment in such career fields as resource management, urban and regional planning, and environmental assessment, as well as in the traditional occupations of elementary and secondary school teaching.

The interested student should take GEO 201, Introduction to Human Geography, or GEO 210, Geography of Maine, in the first or second year. The student is also urged to discuss and plan course selection with the Coordinator.

For complete information about Geography, visit the coordinator at 154 College Avenue, phone (207) 581-4220 or contact Prof. Stephen Hornsby at hornsby@maine.edu.

Core Curriculum. 3-6 credit hours

Students are urged to select one of the following courses:

Elective Courses. 12 to 15 credit hours

Most students will find it useful to select courses which lead to typical teaching and career orientations in geography. The elective courses are grouped to reflect such orientations.


Like historians, some geographers are concerned with the past, and, like anthropologists, others are involved in the study of different cultures. In both respects, a geographical perspective adds considerable breadth of knowledge on topics such as the spread of settlements, the diffusion of cultural traits, and the nature of past landscapes. Students, particularly those selecting majors in anthropology and history, can enrich and broaden their programs of study with courses in historical and cultural geography.

Human Use of Earth

The human relationship with the environment is a matter of increasing concern to society. This theme has always been a major consideration of geography. The student interested in the human use of the earth, whether as a step to a career in environmental resource management or to gain a broader understanding of the human place in the environment, is urged to select courses from the following:

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