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2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog 
2005-2006 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The College Success Programs

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Mission statement: The College Success Programs at the University of Maine helps students achieve academic success, attain their educational goals, and engage in life long learning.

Disability Support Services

The office of Disability Support Services facilitates the education of students with physical, emotional or learning disabilities. DSS provides a point of coordination for accommodations and special services students with disabilities need while attending the University of Maine. No qualified individual with a disability will be denied access to or participation in services or programs at UMaine. Some of the services provided or coordinated for students with disabilities include advising, special orientation to campus, books on DVD, notetakers, classroom relocation, priority registration, mediation and advocacy, classroom accommodations, as well as personal, educational, and vocational counseling. Students believed to be learning disabled without documentation can be screened through this office and referred for assessment outside of the University at their own expense. For further information please contact the Director of Disability Support Services at (207) 581-2319, TDD (207)581-2325, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469, http://www.umaine.edu/disability

Onward Program

The Onward Program focuses on fifty specially admitted students through a supportive academic community. The Program is specifically for students who do not have the academic credentials to be admitted to UMaine through the traditional admission criteria. It is for people who want a degree from UMaine and it links students to other resources including the Tutor Program, Disability Support Services and group tutorials. Students who apply for admission are reviewed and their basic academic skills are assessed by Program staff. They generally take college preparatory courses in English composition, mathematics, science and analytical reading. Onward Courses earn no degree credit. Grades earned are calculated into the semester grade point average. Each college determines how developmental course grades will be treated in the accumulative grade point average. Onward courses and descriptions can be found in the course description section of this catalog. Counselors, peer advisors and peer mentors are available to work with each Program student. At the heart of the Onward Program is the one-to-one personal involvement and contact, especially the development of a close personal relationship between student and staff. Onward counselors are available to provide support, guidance and resource information to students as they transition into college and throughout their academic careers.  Students who want more information about these services or who feel they could benefit from participation in these services should contact the Onward Program, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469. Phone: (207) 581-2319/2320. www.umaine.edu/Onward/

Student Achievement Grant for Education (SAGE)

The SAGE Program is funded through a U. S. Department of Education grant to increase the retention and graduation rates of low income, first generation students and students with disabilities. The Program serves 400 students each year. Students indicate their interest in Program services through an intake form filled out with a teacher or counselor. Students are notified of their selection; once selected, program services are available throughout that student’s college career at UMaine. Program services include academic advising, professional counseling, peer advising, peer mentoring, study skills workshops and tutoring. Grants/scholarships are available to first and second year students. They are awarded to active program participants to reduce unmet need and loans. We focus on the needs of program students interested in graduate studies including applications, financial aid and test preparation. Technology workshops and assistance is also available for Program students.  For further information contact us at (207) 581-2320, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469. 

The Tutor Program

The Tutor Program provides small group tutoring for University of Maine students who need academic assistance in 100 and 200 level non-web based courses. The Tutor Program’s role is to help students “learn how-to-learn” course material and how to utilize the resources available on campus. A staff of peer tutors facilitates this learning process by encouraging students to work together to process course material as well as sharpen their reasoning and questioning skills.

Students work with peer tutors in small study groups of 4 students, who are in the same course and have the same professor. Groups meet 2 times weekly, for a maximum of 2 hours per week, throughout the semester. Tutoring sessions are held Monday-Friday, during the day or evening and are conducted in a classroom on campus.

Course material is not “re-taught” to students in the traditional sense. Instead, peer tutors use the course material to develop games and other “hands-on” activities that require students to work and manipulate the subject matter. As a result, students develop effective learning strategies and critical thinking skills.  For further information contact The Tutor Program, 104 Dunn Hall, (207) 581-2351, www.umaine.edu/tutorprogram/

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