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  Jul 23, 2017
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Lifelong Learning Minors

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Maine Studies (18 credits)

Maine Studies offers students an opportunity to specialize in the study of Maine through courses in history, literature, women’s studies, Franco-American studies, Native American studies, political science, geology, and other disciplines.  The Maine Studies program recognizes the value of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding historical and contemporary issues such as developing Maine’s economy, protecting its environment, and appreciating the cultures of the state’s diverse population. Courses in Maine Studies will lead teachers, government workers, service providers and business people to a greater understanding of Maine’s past and present. Students with a general interest in Maine will gain an enriched appreciation for the state’s land and people, the history and culture, the flora and fauna.

A minimum of 18 credits or 6 Maine-related courses are required for the minor in Maine Studies.  In addition to the courses listed below, students may also make special arrangements for readings courses, independent studies, or field studies. 

For complete information about Maine Studies, please contact the coordinator at 5 Chadbourne Hall, phone (207) 581-3147 or contact Carol Toner at



University Studies

Women's Studies

Peace and Reconciliation Studies (18 credits)

The Peace and Reconciliation Studies minor requires a minimum of 18 credits of study: 12 credits of required PAX courses and 6 credits of electives. Required courses include PAX 201, Introduction to Peace Studies (which satisfies the general education requirement in the Human Values and Social Context category, both in Social Contexts and Institutions, and Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives), PAX 410 - Theories in Peace Studies and two PAX courses chosen from PAX offerings each semester. Also available is Special Projects in Peace Studies (PAX 498, section 001, for 1-6 credits), which offers advanced individual study, research, and written projects in Peace Studies and related areas. This course is conducted under the guidance of a faculty member associated with the Peace and Reconciliation Studies Program. Students who wish to enroll in the Peace and Reconciliation Studies minor should visit the Peace and Reconciliation Studies office, 205 East Annex, (207) 581-2609, for assistance or further information. Enrollment is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Maine and there are no admissions requirements beyond those of the college a student is entering.

Curriculum: Required courses (12 credits):

Elective Courses (6 credits):

In conversation with a Peace Studies advisor, select two additional university courses.

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