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2022-2023 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18

GPA requirements to earn minor:  Students graduating with a minor in a CLAS field must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in the courses in the minor field that are credited toward completion of the minor.

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: C-

Other requirements:  A minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed at the University of Maine.

Contact Information: Michael Grillo, Department of Art, 219 Lord Hall, (207) 581-3252; grillo@maine.edu

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies curriculum opens to students the diverse cultures of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa that thrived within the period from the third century through the sixteenth. It incorporates offerings from the departments of Art, English, History, Modern Languages and Classics, and Political Sciences, as well as the Honors College, to explore issues of social structure, philosophy, religion, politics, language, poetry, prose, material culture, and visual expression from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Students who elect this curriculum usually begin their exploration of the period through introductory courses, such as ARH 155, ARH 156, HON 112, HON 211, and HTY 105, only one of which counts towards the total credits of the curriculum, and continue on with more focused studies at higher course levels. Students are encouraged to take courses from all of its disciplines.

For complete information about Medieval and Renaissance Studies, visit the coordinator at 219 Lord Hall, phone (207) 581-3252 or contact Associate Professor Michael Grillo at grillo@maine.edu. 

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