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2021-22 UMM Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 UMM Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Science - Marine Biology


Minimum number of credits required to graduate: 120

Minimum Cumulative GPA required to graduate: 2.00

Other GPA requirements to graduate:  2.00 GPA in program requirements

Required Course(s) for fulfilling Capstone Experience and Writing Intensive in Major: Senior Thesis in Biology Option - BIO 401, BIO 402, BIO 403; Senior Thesis Biological Research Option - BIO 404, BIO 405, BIO 406; Senior Seminar Option - BIO 460, BIO 482

Required Course for fulfilling Service Learning in Major: BIO 206 or BIO 360

Residency requirement: Must complete at least 30 credits through UMM, at least 12 of which must be in their major and 9 of these 12 must be upper level (300 level or above). 

UMM’s location is ideal for courses related to marine biology, ecology, and mariculture. Students have direct access to inter-tidal and sub-tidal marine habitats and organisms, finfish and shellfish aquaculture sites and hatcheries, and commercial fishing ports. This access to marine environments gives UMM students unique field and laboratory experiences.  All students in the Marine Biology major are required to complete 52-54 credits of program requirements and if declaring a concentration students are required to complete 73 to 85 credits of program requirements.

Program Goals

  • To provide a rich and rigorous undergraduate experience in marine biology that focuses on the biological, social, and historic uniqueness of our geographic setting.
  • To provide students an opportunity to enhance their analytical and communication skills through independent study or senior thesis.
  • To provide students with access to mariculture or other marine-based industries to enhance their competitive advantage in the job market.
  • To prepare students to think critically at all junctures of their academic and work-related careers.
  • To provide rigorous training for students planning to further their education in professional studies or graduate school.

General Requirements

All University Core Requirements  must be met, in addition to the program requirements.  Note that completion of some courses within the major, such as mathematics, will also fulfill Core requirements.  Students must earn a minimum of 120 credits and achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.

A minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.00 in the program requirements is necessary for graduation.  This GPA must be achieved by the completion of a total of 60 credits.  If the student fails to maintain this average in subsequent semesters, a warning may be issued.  The student may lose matriculated status if the average remains below 2.0 after the completion of another 12 credits.  A student may petition to be readmitted to the program.  

Capstone Requirement - 3-6 credits

Complete one of the following options:

  • Senior Thesis in Biology Credits: 3 

        BIO 401 - Senior Thesis in Biology Credits: 1 

        BIO 402 - Senior Thesis II in Biology Credits: 1 

        BIO 403 - Senior Thesis III in Biology Credits: 1 

  • Senior Thesis in Biological Research Credits: 6

        BIO 404 - Senior Thesis in Biological Research Credits: 2 

        BIO 405 - Senior Thesis in Biological Research Credits: 2 

        BIO 406 - Senior Thesis in Biological Research Credits: 2 

  • Senior Seminar Credits: 3

        BIO 460 - Seminar in Marine Ecology Credits: 3  


        BIO 482 - Senior Seminar in Marine Biology Credits: 3  

Optional Concentrations:

Marine Ecology Concentration (27-31 credits)

Aquaculture Concentration (21-25 credits)


Take 12-16 credits of the following: 

         Topic:  Finfish Culture (may be taken twice, if approved for multiple species) 

         Topic:  Shellfish (may be taken twice, if approved for multiple species) 

         Topic:  Sea Vegetable Farming (may be taken only once) 

Basic Program plus this concentration TOTAL CREDITS 73-81

Coastal Conservation Concentration (23 -24 credits)