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2019-2020 University of Maine at Machias Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 University of Maine at Machias Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Core Requirements

Transfer students who enter with an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree from a regionally accredited  institution will receive some core exceptions, as will students who enter with 60 or more credits in transfer, but who have not completed an AA or an AS degree.  Details on the core exceptions that apply to these two groups of transfer  students (matriculating after January 1, 2011) can be found at:

Statement of Purpose for the Core Curriculum

Our strong liberal arts core supports students as they develop the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for lifelong intellectual engagement, professional success, and responsible citizenship.  The core experience provides students with opportunities to build an array of thinking and communication skills, while acquiring a broad base of knowledge from diverse disciplines and cultures.  It promotes active learning and community engagement through scholarship and application of knowledge.  The core fosters critical thinking, creativity, integrity and flexibility.  The core experience complements each program of study so that students graduate from UMM ready to live full and interesting lives.

I. Maine Coastal Odyssey - 14-16 Cr

II. Communication Skills - 6 cr

III. Aesthetic Perspectives - 4 cr

  • Select courses with a Requirement Designation of “Aesthetic Perspectives” from at least two of the following areas:
    • art
    • dance
    • music
    • theater
    • interdisciplinary fine arts
    • video production
    • creative writing.
  • At least one credit must be taken in studio or performing arts.

IV. Historical Perspectives - 6 cr

VI. Global Perspectives - 3 cr

Select one of the following:

VII. Social Sciences & the Environment - 3 cr

Select one of the following:

IX. Mathematical Literacy - 3 cr

Select any two MAT courses at or above the 100-level.  One of these courses may be MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra or its equivalent (see below).

Ways to establish equivalence to MAT 102:

  1. Score at least 530 on SAT MSS exam or at least 21 on ACT math exam.
  2. Score 50 or better on CLEP College Mathematics or College Algebra exam taken after 7/1/2001 or 500 or better on same exam taken before that date.
  3. Place beyond Intermediate Algebra on Accuplacer placement exam.

Note:  Credit will not be awarded for choices 1 and 3 above.

X. Writing Requirements

All students are required to participate in an academic writing intensive experience beyond ENG 101.  In recognition of the importance of writing in all disciplines, the faculty has infused writing intensive coursework throughout the curriculum.

Students are also required to take an advanced level writing course, which is built into the curriculum of each degree program.

XI. Service Requirement

As a public institution of higher education, UMM has a responsibility to prepare students not only for their future careers, but also for their obligations as citizens in their communities and in the world. In addition to fostering students’ intellectual development, UMM is also dedicated to the idea that students should develop ethically and socially, becoming responsible citizens. Students engage in service in several ways:

Program-Specific Service Options are designed into the required curriculum in certain degree programs.

Community Service is documented voluntary work performed over an extended period of time that has use for the community and would not be done through other means.

Service-Learning Courses, while incorporating a community service component, link the service to the course content and learning objectives. Thus service-learning courses link theory with practice in an experiential learning activity, allowing students to deepen their understanding of the curriculum. Faculty and students collaborate with community agencies to provide needed services to the non-campus community.