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2021-22 UMM Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 UMM Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 452 - Book Arts Certificate Capstone Project

This directed study capstone course is structured to bring together a variety of experiences from the Book Arts Certificate program and give form to them in the making of a final project.  This may include presenting experimental and/or conventional approaches to book making through the exhibit of individual works or by publishing a book edition.  A critical essay of historical and contemporary work, as well as a structure of the project’s conceptual progression, will frame the thesis of this project. 

Prerequisites: ART 216, ART 214, ART 217 and two courses from ENG 242, ART 212, ART 210, ART 219 and ART 214 Graphic Design.

Course Typically Offered Every Spring

Credits: 3