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2021-2022 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PSE 430 - SL: Sustainable Horticulture and Agriculture Capstone

This course will allow students in Environmental Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture majors the opportunity to apply information learned in their respective programs.  Students will collaborate on service learning projects.  Students will gain professional skills and knowledge through guest lectures by professionals in a variety of horticulture- and agriculture-related occupations.  By engaging in service and community learning through this capstone course, students will partner with research groups, outreach and education organizations, or independent businesses to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world problems that address community needs.  This course has been designated as a UMaine service-learning course.

General Education Requirements:  Capstone

Prerequisites: Senior Standing in Environmental Horticulture or Sustainable Agriculture.

Course Typically Offered: Spring

Credits: 3

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