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2020-21 UMMachias Catalog 
2020-21 UMMachias Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Fall semester bills are due by August 15th. Spring semester bills are due by January 15th. For the Fall 2020 semester the due date is extended until September 15th due to COVID-19 issues delaying the billing process. Charges incurred after the due date are due and payable as stated on the invoice. A $50 late payment fee will be charged to all overdue accounts without proper payment arrangements. Payments by cash/check are accepted in the Business Office in Powers Hall. UMM also accepts payments online via the MaineStreet Student Center where Electronic Check/ACH* transactions can be processed. Credit cards are also accepted with an American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. A 2.85% convenience fee will apply to all credit card transactions.

The University of Maine at Machias typically offers a five-month payment plan to cover a single semester’s expenses not covered by financial aid, loans, scholarships or other funding sources. Payment plans are interest-free and only require a $30 enrollment fee, due at the time of enrollment. Enrollment is required by the due date each semester.  For the Fall 2020 semester, as a result of the extended payment due date, the payment plan will be shortened to a four-month payment plan.  We expect to offer a five-month payment plan again in the spring 2021.

The financial requirements of the University, changing costs, state and legislative action, and other matters may require an adjustment to these charges and expenses. The University reserves the right to make such adjustments to the estimated charges and expenses as may from time to time be necessary in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, up to the date of final registration for a given academic term. The applicant acknowledges this reservation by the submission of an application for admission or by course registration.

* Automated Clearinghouse

Tuition (2020-21)

Undergraduate, On-Campus

In-State $245 per credit hour
Out-of-state $490 per credit hour
International $490 per credit hour
New England Regional $392 per credit hour
Canadian $245 per credit hour

The tuition per credit hour for courses broadcast over the statewide Interactive Television (ITV) network and/or other distance education courses will vary according to the tuition rate of the campus that originates the course. These tuition rates will be available each semester registration period.

Fees (2020-2021)




Acceptance deposit



Applied music/private lesson



Art fee

$75 -


Green Fee (On Campus Classes only)  $10 semester

Health Center Fee

students enrolled in 9 or more credits



Health Insurance

Mandatory for all students registered for 9 credits or more unless proof of comparable insurance provided.

Spouse and dependent coverage available at additional premium cost






year or

Spring only




Lab fee



Late payment fee



Non-negotiable check



Orientation fee



Online course fee



Payment Plan fee



Portfolio assessment fee


credit hr

Student activity fee

Full-time students

Part-time students





credit hr

Student Union fee

Students enrolled in 6 or more credits

$25 semester
UC Course Support fee $7 credit hr
UC Technology fee $6 credit hr

Unified Student Fee

supports technology, Murdock Fitness & Aquatics Center and other campus improvements    





Room and Board (2020-21)

Board Level I & II*    

$4,861 per year or

$2,430.50 per semester

Room, traditional


$4,726 per year or

$2,363 per semester

Room, Single $4,855 per year
Suite, Single $5,242 per year

* Fall discounted rate (due to COVID-19) is $1,945 for the semester.

** Fall discounted rate (due to COVID-19) is $1,891 for the semester.

In/Out-of-State Tuition Status

In-state or out-of-state tuition classification is made by the Admissions Office and conveyed at the time the applicant is notified of their acceptance to UMM. The Chief Business Officer should be notified immediately of any disagreement with the decision, as any appeal or changes cannot be made after September 1 for fall semester and January 1 for spring semester.

Tuition Assistance

The University of Maine at Machias no longer defers payment of tuition charges for students employed by school administrative districts, school unions, or other agencies/companies who reimburse directly to students following their successful completion of an academic session. Students are responsible for paying to UMM the tuition costs at the time of registration and seeking employer reimbursement through the normal school union/district, or agency/company process.

If tuition charges are to be covered by an outside agency or scholarship, other than UMM, and paid directly to UMM, documentation (either an approved purchase order or a memo from the outside agency) must be sent to the UMM Business Office. In the case of military personnel, an approved request for tuition assistance must be furnished to the UMM Business Office.

Financial Adjustment Policies

For purposes of calculating financial adjust-ments, attendance includes weekends and holidays, and ends on the student’s last day of attendance as determined when (s)he notifies the institution’s designated official or office, that (s)he is dropping or withdrawing from a class(es) while remaining enrolled in other class(es).

Dropping w/Classes Remaining

Dropping or withdrawing from a class, with classes remaining on one’s schedule at any University of Maine System (UMS) institution for the term, will result in an adjustment in accordance with the following schedule:

Class Length

100% Refund
 if dropped Before

12 weeks or more

End of Second Week
(14 days)

11 weeks

End of 11th day

10 weeks

End of 10th day

  9 weeks

End of 9th day

  8 weeks

End of 8th day

  7 weeks

End of 7th day

  6 weeks

End of 6th day

  5 weeks

End of 5th day

  4 weeks

End of 4th day

  3 weeks

End of 3rd day

  2 weeks

End of 2nd day

  1 week

End of 1st day

Semester Withdrawal

Dropping or withdrawing from all classes at all UMS institutions for the term will result in an adjustment in accordance with the following schedule:

Classes 12 weeks or more:


If Withdrawn Before:


Before the end of the second week
(14 days)


Before the end of the fourth week
(28 days)


Before the end of the sixth week
(42 days)


Before the end of the eighth week
(56 days)


After the 8th week (57 days and after)

Classes less than 12 weeks:

For students withdrawing from classes less than 12 weeks in length, with no classes remaining on their schedule at any UMS institution, there is no refund after the 100% drop deadline noted above under Students Dropping with Classes Remaining.

Involuntary Withdrawals

Consideration for financial adjustments of charges for involuntary withdrawals (e.g., extended illness, military service) will be considered by the university on a case-by-case basis. Administrative dismissals are not covered by this APL and thus are not entitled to an adjustment of institutional charges.

Involuntary withdrawals may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Military deployment, transfer, or recall to active duty. The request for withdrawal must be substantiated with a copy of the student’s military orders.
  • Illness of the student or an immediate family member. A physician’s statement, certifying the student’s or family member’s illness that required the student withdrawal, must be provided.
  • Death of immediate family member. Appropriate documentation must accompany the request for withdrawal.
  • Involuntary transfer by the student’s employer that precluded continued enrollment. The request for withdrawal must be substantiated by appropriate documentation from the employer.

Appeals for an exception to the established Financial Adjustment policies and practices may be made to the designated university official. Normally, appeals will be considered up to 90 days after the close of the term for which the student is requesting a financial adjustment.

Department of Veteran Affair’s “Covered Individual Policy”:

In compliance with United States Code section 3679 of title 38, any individual who is entitled to educational assistance under chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, or chapter 33, Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits will be permitted to attend or participate in the course of education during the period beginning on the date on which the individual provides to the educational institution a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance. A certificate of eligibility can also include a “Statement of Benefits” obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ eBenefits website, or a VA form 28-1905 form for chapter 31 authorization purposes.

The University of Maine at Machias will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the
individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from the VA under chapter 31 or 33.

This agreement will terminate on the date on which payment from the VA is made to the institution or 90 days after the date the institution certified tuition and fees following the receipt of the certificate of eligibility, whichever date is most beneficial to the covered individual.