May 22, 2024  
2020-2021 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

President’s Message

Welcome to the University of Maine!

While some aspects of our lives have been transformed during these extraordinary times, some goals remain constant. Those include our physical and mental health, safety, and community well-being.

Another constant is our focus on, and belief in, higher education. We emphasize teaching, research, and outreach in order to improve people’s quality of life. These past few months, these areas of emphasis have been particularly significant. 

In spring 2019, as the coronavirus spread locally and globally, we mobilized to meet a variety of urgent needs, including supporting students striving to successfully complete their courses from wherever they called home.  

Our talented staff and faculty utilized the university’s top-notch research facilities to assist Maine’s health care community. Our researchers, including experts on the University of Maine System Scientific Advisory Board, addressed ever-changing challenges associated with the virus. 

And for months, we’ve been eagerly planning and preparing for your return to campus. We’ll continue to work, adjust and adapt so that your 2020-21 experiences at UMaine are robust and rewarding.

Our scientists, faculty and staff lead by example. And we invite you to do the same. In addition to challenging yourselves academically, we encourage you to be engaged, adaptable, creative and gracious citizens. 

You are one of the more than 11,800 undergraduate and graduate students from across the state, country and world enrolled at UMaine, which is on Marsh Island in the homeland of the Penobscot Nation. Together, we form one of the most talented, diverse, inclusive, safe, and caring communities in the state. Here, we value everyone.

Whether you’re a first-year, transfer or returning student in one of the more than 90 undergraduate majors, and whether you’re taking courses in person, remotely or online, we’re dedicated to supporting you as you pursue your passions. You’ll learn from, be mentored by, and work alongside world-class educators.

UMaine is a land sea and space grant university. We believe that higher education  plays a vital role in the future of the state and the planet. 

UMaine students and graduates make a positive difference - including by climbing Mount Everest to conduct climate change research, reporting on war crimes and human rights abuses, and leading the development of a revolutionary microprocessor that made personal computers affordable.

We’re excited to see how you will meet the challenges of today, and make UMaine and beyond a better place. Let us know how we can help.


Joan Ferrini-Mundy