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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Named Professorships and Chairs

Named Professorships and Chairs

Mark and Marcia Bailey Professorship of Speech and Theatre, Dr. Nathan E. Stormer

Bath Iron Works Professorship in Structural Engineering, Dr. Habib-J. Dagher

Adelaide C. Bird and Alan L. Bird Professor in History, Dr. Nathan Godfried, Dr. Elizabeth McKillen, and Dr. Stephen Miller

John C. Bridge Engineering Professorship, Dr. William G. Davids

Henry R. and Grace V. Butler Professorship of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Dr. Bruce E. Segee

Louis Calder Professor of Pulp and Paper Technology, Dr. Joseph M. Genco

Roger C. and Virgina A. Castle Professorship in Electrical Engineering, Dr. Mauricio Pereira da Cunha

Correll Presidential Chair in Energy, Dr. Krish Thiagarajan

Agatha B. Darling Professorship of Oceanography, Dr. Lawrence M. Mayer

George H. Denton Professorship of Earth Sciences, Dr. Aaron E. Putnam

Lloyd H. Elliott Professorship in English, visiting scholars

Farm Credit Assistant Professorship of Production Economics and Agriculture Finance, Dr. Xuan Chen

Edwin L. Giddings Professor of Forest Policy, Dr. Robert J. Lilieholm

Edward Sturgis Grew Professorship in Petrology and Minerology, Dr. Alicia Cruz-Uribe

Richard C. Hill Professorship in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. S. David Dvorak

Curtis Hutchins Professor of Forest Ecosystem Management, Dr. Robert S. Seymour

Irving Chair for Forest Ecosystem Management, Dr. Aaron Weiskittel

Dr. Waldo “Mac” Libbey ‘44 Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Yifeng Zhu

Libra Professorship in Conservation Biology, Dr. Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr.

Libra Professorship of Geological Sciences, Dr. George H. Denton

Libra Professorship of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Andrew J. Goupee

Libra Professorship in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, History, Dr. Scott W. See

University of Maine Libra Professorship, Dr. Heather M. Leslie

University of Maine Libra Professorship, Dr. Paul Glen Holman

Malcolm G. Long Professorship in Civil Engineering, Dr. Robert Lopez-Anido

Col. James C. McBride Distinguished Professorship in History, Dr. Richard C. Judd

C. Ann Merrifield Professorship in Life Science Education, Dr. Michelle Smith

John M. Murphy Chair of International Business, Policy & Strategy, Dr. John F. Mahon 

J. Larcom Ober Research Chair in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Adriann R. P. Van Heiningen

Nicolas M. Salgo Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Ivan M. Manev

Henry W. Saunders Professor of Hardwood Silviculture, Dr. Robert G. Wagner

Kenneth Warren Saunders and Henry W. Saunders Professor of Engineering Leadership and Management, Dr. Dana N. Humphrey

Frank M. Taylor Distinguished Professorship in Civil Engineering, Dr. Eric N. Landis

University of Maine Trustee Professorship, Dr. Michael L. Peterson, Jr.

Visiting Libra Professorship in Diversity, Dr. Carolina Alvarado

Barbara Wheatland Professorship of Geospatial Innovation, Dr. Daniel Hayes

Arthur O. Willey Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Senthil S. Vel