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2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

President’s Message


UMaine Interim President Robert Kennedy.The University of Maine is unique in the state, offering the widest selection of high quality undergraduate and graduate degrees. Its research efforts continuously strengthen Maine’s economy and quality of life. Created by the Morrill Act that was signed by Abraham Lincoln, the university was officially founded in 1865 as a land grant university.  Over time, it has grown to become an indispensable statewide resource, Maine’s flagship university.

If you have chosen to study at the University of Maine, you have access to the broadest array of academic programs the state has to offer. Whether you are studying science, engineering, arts, humanities, social sciences or professional studies, you can expect to be challenged to acheive at a high level. You can expect stimulating classes, opportunity for close interaction with outstanding professors, hands-on experiential learning and research opportunities, cutting-edge technology and opportunities to work in teams. Your education will be as exacting and productive as you choose to make it.

The Undergraduate Catalog is a tool that can open up a world of learning opportunity. Used in conjunction with regular advising, it will lead you to the choices and options that make American higher education unique in the world. Take time to learn the contents of the catalog. Knowing the requirements for your degree and your major can save you time, lead you to the best courses for your academic needs, and help you focus your studies. Knowing the choices that exist can help you plan and select the best options. If you have questions about your course of study, talk to your advisor, your professors and your department chair. They are here to teach the individual courses that make up your program and to help you fit them into a complete pattern of learning.

Remember that your major is only one part of your degree program. Your best bet is to surround it with a variety of courses that complement and reinforce your major. Take advantage of elective courses to fill out a complete program of study, and discover, like many who have come before you, the unexpected joy of studying a subject you never thought would interest you. Most people today can expect to change their career plans several times over the course of a lifetime, and everyone will spend more time involved in family activities, civic responsibilities and leisure than they will in their workplace. So a complete, well-rounded course of study that helps prepare you for the unexpected turns of the future, while leading you to a lifetime of learning, is your best option.

I hope that you will enjoy your time at the University of Maine and find, like those who have come before you, that your years here are among the very best of your life. We are glad you are here and we are ready to serve your needs in any way we can.


Robert A. Kennedy