May 22, 2022  
2021-22 UMM Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 UMM Undergraduate Catalog

Audio/Media Production Certificate


Minimum number of credits required to earn certificate: 25

Minimum Cumulative GPA required to earn certificate: None

Other requirements: Students must satisfy the UMM residency requirement for certificate programs, taking at least 12 credit hours through UMM.

The Audio/Media Production certificate program is a 25-credit program in which students develop a variety of production projects in their courses that become part of a professional portfolio.  Students will build skills working with digital recording studios, Pro Tools, and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite that supports photography, video editing, graphic design, print design, web design and audio editing, among other applications. There is a required internship intended to provide further professional experience, networking, and references for future employment.  This program appeals to musicians who might want to produce their own music, and those interested in graphic design, media, public relations and digital marketing. 

Audio/Media Production Certificate - 25 credits