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2020-2021 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 UMaine Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor: International Affairs

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Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18

GPA requirements to earn minor: Students graduating with a minor in a CLAS field must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in the courses in the minor field that are credited toward completion of the minor.

Mminimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: C

Foreign Language requirements: Two semesters of a language or study abroad in immersion in a foreign language.  For students who choose study abroad to satisfy this requirement, at least one course must be taught in the host language.  Students whose first language is not English may meet the Foreign Language requirement (English) with their TOEFL score.

Other requirements:  A minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed at the University of Maine.

Contact Information: James Settele, Executive Director, School of Policy and International Affairs, (207) 581-3153, james.settele@maine.edu

Study in International Affairs benefits students as they prepare for their roles as national and global citizens, educating them to the dynamics behind a changing global society and introducing them to ways of enhancing international community.  The minor in International Affairs offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that enables students from diverse disciplines to integrate an international perspective into their studies and future careers. 

Required Courses:

  • Credits: 3
  • One other course from the IA major core curriculum
  • Choose from one of the thematic concentrations: 3 courses in the field designated “primary” field; 1 course from that concentration designated as a secondary field
  • Foreign Language requirement: see above.

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