Aug 09, 2020  
2019-2020 University of Maine at Machias Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 University of Maine at Machias Undergraduate Catalog

Bachelor of Arts - English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts


Minimum number of credits required to graduate:  120

Minimum Cumulative GPA required to graduate:  2.0

Other GPA requirements to graduate: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 in program requirements.

The wild coastal region of Downeast Maine captivates the imagination of poets, writers, and artists.  Drawing inspiration from this setting, the English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts program offers individualized training in literature with a special focus on writing, publishing, and book arts.

The program’s unique curriculum combines the scholarly study of literature, writing, and the aesthetics of hands-on practical publishing so the student can engage in the complete process of literature from inspiration through publication to marketing and publicity.  Students select courses in American, British, and world literature.  They practice their craft as writers through these courses and through workshops and independent studies in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting.  Students gain invaluable hands-on experience including internships and work for the UMM Press editing, designing, and printing a publication.

Students are directly involved in editing, book design, printing, and marketing of various publications, including books produced by the UMM Press.  Work takes place in small classroom settings and in the program’s professional Book Arts Studio, all located in the last untouched section of the eastern seaboard.

Career Preparation

There is no better time to study literature, creative writing, and book arts than the present.  Historically, the demand has never been higher for individuals with outstanding skills in written and spoken communication.  As books undergo revolutionary changes in the digital age, there comes both a renewed appreciation for the traditional handcrafts as well as an exciting exploration of new possibilities.  The English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts Program uniquely prepares its majors for success.  The program provides a seamless transition to graduate degrees in English, creative writing, and book arts, but it also provides a solid foundation for other careers:  journalism, editing, publishing, book design, teaching, marketing, public relations, archive and museum management, law, library science, and broadcasting.  Importantly, all students leave the program with hands-on experience in editing, publishing, and the aesthetics of book design.

General Requirements

The English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts major consists of a minimum of 52 credits, which includes three courses (ENG 117, ENG 224 and ART 216) that satisfy University Core requirements.  In addition, the major requires a  GPA of at least 2.25 in courses used to satisfy program requirements.  All students take the general program requirements and select either the Book Arts, Creative Writing or Literary Studies concentration.

In addition to major requirements, students must complete the University Core Requirements .  Note that some Core requirements may be met by certain program requirements.  To graduate, students must earn a minimum of 120 credits and achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.

Program Requirements - 40 credits

Creative Writing Requirements - 9 credits

Book Arts Requirements - 9 credits

Communication Requirements - 4 credits

Capstone Requirement - 6-12 credits

Book Arts Concentration - 12 credits

Creative Writing Concentration - 12 credits

  • Complete 6 additional credits in creative writing at or above 200 level

  • Complete 6 additional credits in creative writing at or above 300 level

Literary Studies Concentration - 12 credits

  • Complete one of the following:

  • Credits: 3
  • Credits: 3

  • Complete 6 additional credits in literature electives at or above 200 level that focus on major works of the literary canon
  • Complete 3 additional credits in literature electives at or above 300 level that focus on major authors of the British or American canon