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The University of Maine    
  Dec 12, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Minor: Equine Studies

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Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18

GPA requirements to earn minor: 2.0

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: C- or higher

Contact Information: Mary Fernandez, Student Academic Services Coordinator, 201A Rogers Hall, 207-581-2938,

This minor is intended for students from various backgrounds who wish to supplement their education with horses. Prior to enrolling in the minor, students must consult with the Student Academic Services Coordinator in the School of Food and Agriculture to select courses most appropriate to their background and career goals, and to discuss any course substitutions which may be appropriate.

Please note:

  • No more than 6 total credits from the AVS major can be used toward this minor.
  • Some of the courses below may be offered in alternate years. Be sure to check the course descriptions in the online Undergraduate Catalog.

Plus at least 10 credits from the following lists, but no more than one course from Group B

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