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The University of Maine    
  Feb 17, 2018
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor: Sustainable Agriculture

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Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 21

GPA requirements to earn minor: 2.0

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: None.

Contact Information: Mary Fernandez, Student Academic Services Coordinator, 201A Rogers Hall, (207) 581-2938,

This minor gives students a broad overview of the many areas that are encompassed by plant sciences. It includes several lab classes which allow hands-on experience in the identification, production and anatomical study of a wide-range of herbaceous and woody plants. The required courses cover both basic and applied sciences. Elective courses allow the individual to choose from courses focusing on plants in natural ecosystems, in the managed ecosystems of farms, greenhouses and nurseries, or in the laboratory.

Please note:
• The following courses are not acceptable course choices for Environmental Horticulture majors: PSE 403 and PSE 415.
• PSE 101 - Cropping Systems is offered Spring - even years.

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