Dec 01, 2023  
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor: Renewable Energy Engineering

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Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18

Minimum Cumulative GPA required to earn minor: 2.0

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: None.

Other GPA requirements to earn minor: None.

Contact Information: David Dvorak, Coordinator, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, 119 Boardman Hall

The Renewable Energy Engineering minor provides students an  introduction to the wide-ranging issues concerning the production, distribution, consumption, and impacts of energy, with a particular focus on the design and implementation of existing and emerging technologies.  This program complements numerous engineering majors and helps to prepare students for careers in this innovative field.  The minor includes 18 credit hours of coursework, 9 hours of which are required core courses.

Required Core Course (9 credits)

Elective Courses (at least 9 credits)

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