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  Jul 26, 2017
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Engineering Minors

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In the College of Engineering, prior to enrolling in a minor a student must consult with the appropriate department chairperson to select the courses most appropriate to his/her background and career goals. Minors are open to students who have completed; mathematics through differential equations; a year of physics and at least one course in Chemistry along with the prerequisites required for the individual engineering courses. All students obtaining a minor in Engineering are required to obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 in the minor with no more than one grade less than C-. Engineering students cannot receive a minor offered by their major department.

Construction Management Technology

18 credit hours.

A minor in Construction Management Technology requires at least 18 credit hours in Construction Management Technology courses. One or more courses must include scheduling and estimating. Approval of a course of study by a Construction Management Technology faculty advisor is required.

Digital Systems

22 credits, 13 credits of core courses and at least 9 credits of optional ECE courses.

Electrical Engineering Technology

18 or 19 credit hours.

Electronic Instrumentation

(22 credits, 13 credits of core courses and at least 9 credits of optional ECE courses)

Engineering Entrepreneurial

18 credit hours

With permission of the administrator of the minor, a student can substitute other courses for the following courses.

Engineering Leadership and Management

18 credit hours.

The Engineering Leadership and Management Minor provides undergraduate engineering and engineering technology majors with skills that are essential to long-term career advancement.  Moreover, the carefully selected skills that comprise the minor are highly sought after by employers of our graduates.  The capstone for the minor is an Engineering Leadership and Management Internship where students will put their skills to the test in real-world businesses.  Students will learn how leaders deal with people and inspire others to enthusiastically and willingly achieve the vision and goals of the organization.  Students will learn how leaders play a fundamental role in setting the organization’s vision and goals.  As a manager students will learn how to effectively apply relevant experience, knowledge, and resources for the efficient and timely completion of operations or tasks to achieve success for the organization.


Note: Most of the courses included in this minor have prerequisites.  Some of the prerequisities qualify as Human Values and Social Contexts (HVSC) electives.  Students should strategically use their HVSC electives to satisfy these prerequisities.

Select courses from each of the following categories:

Minimum total credits required: 18

Professionalism and Ethics

Take 1

Military Science and Leadership

18 credit hours.

Naval Science

23 credit hours.

Surveying Engineering Technology

18 credit hours.

A minor in Surveying Engineering Technology requires at least 18 credit hours in surveying program courses.  The courses must include three credits of plane/basic surveying, three credits in advanced or construction surveying, and three credits in boundary law.  The remaining courses must come from surveying, engineering technology, technical, legal, or ethical courses required in the Surveying Engineering Technology curriculum.  Approval of a Surveying Engineering Technology minor course of study by a surveying engineering technology faculty is required.

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