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  Jan 20, 2018
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Management and Policy

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The Environmental Management and Policy degree program provides training in the economic, legal and policy aspects of environmental management and regulation. In consultation with their faculty advisor, students may select an area of specialization. This choice is based on the student’s intended career area, or interest in further education. In addition to the basic Environmental Management and Policy degree, student may choose from two concentrations designed to train students to become effective enviromental professionals - Adventure Recreation Business Management, and Enviromental Pre-Law.

Students in the Environmental Management and Policy program will find a strong link between teaching and research. The faculty members are devoted to their teaching and bring real world problems into the classroom In addition, many opportunities are available for students to work on departmental research projects, cooperative field experience, internships and study abroad.

Other programs offered by the School of Economics include a Resource and Agribusiness Management degree, and degrees in Economics and Financial Economics. The Department also cooperates in the college’s Ecology and Environmental Sciences Concentration degree as well as various graduate degree programs.

The Environmental Management and Policy program provides a broad education in economics, business and the technical areas required to manage environmental resources. In addition, all of the Department’s programs help prepare students for continued education in graduate programs.

Core Courses

The concentrations are based on a core academic foundation of management and policy course work along with courses in the biological and physical sciences. Building on this core academic program, each concentration contains courses that provide students with unique professional skills.

Human Values and Social Context

Adventure Recreation Business Management Concentration

Adventure Recreation Business Management is designed for students who want to own or operate an adventure sports business. Academic requirements include the core courses as well as BUA 201 Principles of Financial Accounting I, BUA 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting, PRT 470 Principles of Tourism Management and Planning, REP 254 Introduction to Resource Business Management, REP 458 Principles of Resource Business Management, BUA 350 Business Finance, REP 466 Internet Marketing for Small Business, and REP 468 Quantitative Analysis and Forecasting.

Environmental Pre-Law Concentration

Environmental Pre-Law is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in environmental law. Academic requirements include the core courses as well as BUA 220 The Legal Environment of Business, ENG 206 Descriptive and Narrative Writing, ENG 212 Persuasive and Analytical Writing, and POS 282 Introduction to American Law.

Suggested curriculum for the B.S. in Environmental Management and Policy

Second Year - First Semester

Second Year - Second Semester

Third Year - First Semester

Fourth Year - First Semester

Fourth Year - Second Semester

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