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2003-2004 Undergraduate Catalog 
2003-2004 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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College of Business, Public Policy & Health

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The College of Business, Public Policy and Health offers nationally recognized programs in business administration, nursing, public management and social work. Each of these professional programs provides students with an education based on a strong liberal arts foundation. This broad education is designed to prepare students for successful careers in a rapidly changing global environment while providing them with the skills needed for lifelong learning.


Bachelor of Arts in:
Public Management
Social Work

Bachelor of Science in:
Business Administration

Business Administration
Public Management


In order to graduate from the College of Business, Public Policy and Health students must be in good academic standing (accumulative average at least 2.0) and the following requirements must be satisfied:
The School of Business requires a minimum 2.0 accumulative grade point average in all BUA and ECO courses.
The School of Nursing requires 126 credits with a minimum 2.0 accumulative grade point average in the major.
The Department of Public Administration requires a 2.5 average in all PAA courses.
The School of Social Work requires a 2.5 overall grade point average.


Entrance Requirements:
Entrance requirements for the degree programs in the College of Business, Public Policy and Health are noted in the Admission section of this catalog. Please note that admission requirements differ for the business, nursing, public management and social work majors.

Academic Advising:
Faculty in the College of Business, Public Policy and Health are committed to ensuring that students receive thoughtful guidance throughout their academic careers. Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor in his/her intended major. Students may request a change in advisor at any time.

Declaring the Major:
Students applying for admission to the College of Business, Public Policy and Health must designate a major on the application form. The four majors within the College are: Business Administration, Nursing, Public Management and Social Work. Please read the appropriate section in this catalog for more information about the specific majors.

Changing Colleges:
Students currently enrolled in another baccalaureate program at the University of Maine may change their enrollment to the College of Business, Public Policy and Health provided they have the required grade point average and are in good academic standing on the effective date of change. For students changing colleges, the Business School, the Department of Public Administration, the School of Nursing and the School of Social Work require a 2.0 accumulative grade point average. Students who wish to change Colleges should contact the associate dean of their current college for procedures.

Students from other Universities generally are accepted as transfer students if they have completed a minimum of 12 semester credits with the required grade point average. For students transferring to the Business School and the Department of Public Administration, the required grade point average is 2.0. For students with junior standing or higher (54 degree hours earned) transferring to the School of Social Work and the School of Nursing, the required grade point average is 2.5 for Social Work and 2.6 for Nursing. Students applying for transfer will receive an evaluation of their transcripts indicating course equivalencies for any courses taken at other institutions.
The Maine Business School adheres to University-wide transfer policies. In addition, as an institution accredited by AACSB International-the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Maine Business School evaluates transfer credit consistent with AACSB accreditation policies. These policies emphasize the need for business courses to be built upon a foundation of general education courses taken in the first and second years. Based on this philosophy, the following transfer policies apply:

  1. Transfer credit is granted for business courses taken at institutions accredited by AACSB.
  2. For courses taken at institutions not accredited by AACSB, transfer credit is not granted automatically for business courses taken during the first and second years, with the exception of Principles of Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting, the Legal Environment of Business, and Introduction to Business. However, a transfer student from an institution not AACSB-accredited, but designated as regionally accredited (including other campuses of the University of Maine System), who has taken a business course at the lower division level which is offered at the upper division level at the University of Maine may receive credit for the course by successfully completing a proficiency examination.
  3. Business courses taken at the upper-division level at an institution not accredited by AACSB, but regionally accredited, may be accepted for credit if all prerequisite requirements (including junior standing) have been met. If prerequisite and junior standing requirements have not been met, the student may earn credit by successfully completing a proficiency examination once requirements have been met.

Proficiency examinations must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in any advanced courses for which the course in question is a prerequisite.
Students currently enrolled at the University of Maine who wish to take courses at another institution must obtain written approval from the Associate Dean’s office prior to registration. Students may not take courses at two-year institutions after completing the sophomore year.
The Office of Student Records and the Associate Dean’s office will evaluate all courses for which transfer credit is requested.

Prospective CPA students:
Students who intend to sit for the CPA (Certified Public Accounting) examination must have completed 150 credits including a baccalaureate degree and a minimum of 15 credits in accounting. One option recommended for University of Maine students is to complete the baccalaureate degree in business with a concentration in accounting and then complete the UMaine MBA or MS in Accounting. Students should strongly consider an internship in accounting sometime during their program. Please contact the Maine Business School for other options.

Program Contacts

Business Administration
Gloria Vollmers
211 Donald P. Corbett Business Building
(207) 581-1968

Therese Shipps
217 Dunn Hall
(207) 581-2599

Public Administration
G. Thomas Taylor
239 B North Stevens Hall
(207) 581-1873

Social Work
Gail Werrbach
101 Social Work Building
(207) 581-2385

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