Aug 10, 2022  
2020-21 UMMachias Catalog 
2020-21 UMMachias Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 229 - Plant Systematics

An introduction to the identification, classification and evolution of vascular and non-vascular plants and lichens.  Topics considered include the history of taxonomy, plant life cycles, taxonomically important anatomical and morphological features of plants, classification systems, characteristics of selected plant families and methods of phylogenetic inference.  Lecture and field work place approximately equal emphasis on knowledge of the local flora and recognition of important plant families.  Laboratory work includes methods of specimen preparation, identification and mounting and organization maintenance of an herbarium and methods of phylogenetic inference.  Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 4 hours. 

Prerequisites: BIO 117 and BIO 119, or permission of instructor.

Course Typically Offered Fall - Alternate Years

Credits: 4