SMS 483 - Ecology of Zooplankton and Ichthyoplankton

This course presents the world of zooplankton (including larval fish), how we study it, and our current understanding of zooplankton's role in marine ecosystems. Students receive training in taxonomy and identification, sampling techniques and measurement of rate processes used in determining zooplankton fluxes and population dynamics. Fundamental concepts about biodiversity, trophic ecology, population dynamics, recruitment, and the influence of climate change on pelagic ecosystems are examined. Students participate in plankton monitoring at coastal stations and learn to sample and identify local zooplankton and planktonic stages of fish. Readings include research in the primary literature. The goal is to provide students with an experience of the richness and complexity of zooplankton in their natural environment while learning ecological concepts, methodology, and critical analysis of data.

This course fulfills 20 hours of the SMS field requirement.

SMS 483 was offered previously as SMS 491 (Special Topics). Students may not take this course for credit if they already took the Special Topics version with the same title.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: SMS 100, MAT 126, and STS 232

Course Typically Offered: Fall

Credits: 4

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