SMS 420 - Fish Aquaculture I

Part I of a two semester sequence. A comprehensive examination of finfish production methods. Covers aspects of fish anatomy and physiological responses to intensive culture methods. Water sources and water quality parameters and their effects on fish health will be examined. Fish culture systems from extensive pond culture to intensive land based recirculation systems and their effects on the environment will be described. Aspects of fish production at all life stages, beginning with brookstock management in this course and ending with on-growing fish to market the following semester, will be studied. Students will participate in selected techniques in fish aquaculture i.e., anatomy of fish species, live food production for larval fish, diagnostic procedures, drug residue testing, fish handling and anesthesia, spawning techniques, egg incubation techniques and computer applications during five weekday afternoon laboratoreis and two all day field trips. (This course is identical to AVS 420.) (Offered Fall-even years.) Lec 2, Lab/Field 4.

Prerequisites: SMS 211.

Course Typically Offered: Fall, Odd Years

Credits: 3

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