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2003-2004 Undergraduate Catalog 
2003-2004 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Student Services and Facilities

Special Student Services and Facilities

The University of Maine provides a wide range of specialized services for its students. Some of the most widely used are listed below.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation offers a great variety of recreational programming to students and the university community. Approximately 65 intramural sports are offered annually for men, women and coed competition. There are an increasing number of sport clubs as well, including: Blade Society, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s and Women’s Rugby, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Mountain Bike, Hackey Sack, Tennis, Baseball, Shotokan, and Ultimate Frisbee. Fitness classes are offered each semester in aquacize, kick boxing, step aerobics, hip hop, yoga and pilates for a small fee. Facilities in Lengyel and Memorial Gyms are open for free play and equipment is available for free checkout at these locations. Maine Bound offers a full range of outdoor adventure courses (academic credit and non-credit) and activities. Maine Bound also rents outdoor gear like tents, sleeping bags, skis, stoves, backpacks and more. Campus Recreation employs a good number of students. Students interested in on campus employment should contact us in 140 Memorial Gym or in the new Maine Bound Adventure Center (located southwest of the Maine Center for the Arts, on the hill). The Center houses the Maine Bound staff and equipment rental operation, and offers students the best indoor climbing in the area. For more about Campus Recreation, visit the web site at www.ume.maine.edu/~recinfo or call (207) 581-1082 or (207) 581-1794.

Career Center

The Career Center helps students to formulate career goals, select an academic major, and conduct job searches. For additional information call (207) 581-1359 or go to www.ume.maine.edu/~career.

Commuter Services/Non-Traditional Student Programs Office

The Commuter Services/Non-Traditional Student Programs Office provides a variety of personal advising, support and referral services. For additional information call (207) 581-1420 or visit our web site at www.umaine.edu/cscl/commuter.htm.

The Albert D. Conley Speech and Hearing Center

The Albert D. Conley Speech and Hearing Center, located in Dunn Hall on the University of Maine campus, serves as the primary clinical demonstration and teaching site for undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Susan K. Riley, M.S.,CCC-SLP is the Clinical Director for the Conley Center. At the Center, faculty and graduate students provide speech, language, and audiological services to the University community and residents in the surrounding communities. The newly renovated Center was designed as an accessible welcoming environment for clients and families. UM students and their immediate family members are eligible for services at no cost during the academic year.

The Conley Center serves approximately 125 clients a year for speech/language therapy and 200+ clients per year in the audiology clinic. Clients are all ages and have varied needs, from preschoolers with speech/language delays to adults with mental retardation and limited communication skills to international students seeking assistance with acquiring English language skills. The faculty supervisors and student clinicians maintain a client and family-centered approach, working closely with family members, caregivers and other service providers in the client’s life to provide comprehensive, individualized and functional services.

Evaluation and remedial services are offered on the semester (Fall, Spring) and summer calendar of the University. A Diagnostic Clinic is conducted on Friday mornings during the Fall and Spring semesters. Comprehensive audiological services are provided on a twelve month basis. Graduate students are supervised by clinical and academic faculty who hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Our full-time Clinical Audiologist, Amy Engler Booth, who holds the ASHA CCC in audiology, supervises graduate students in audiology practicum.

Recently, the service options available to clients and families at the Conley Speech and Hearing Center have expanded with the development of two Specialty Clinics: The Stuttering Clinic and The Family-Based Treatment Clinic. The Clinics are coordinated and supervised by clinical and academic faculty with special clinical expertise and research interests in these areas.

For further information on services please call (207) 581-2006.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center serves as the full-range mental health service on campus providing group, individual and couples psychotherapy. Other services include prevention and educational programming, consultation and training to students and staff, testing and assessment, career and academic counseling, crisis response, and psychiatric services. For additional information call (207) 581-1392 or visit our web page at www.umaine.edu/counseling.

Dean of Students and Community Life

The Dean of Students and Community Life advocates for students, offers them counsel and advice, and helps them cut through red tape. For additional information call (207) 581-1406 or visit our web site at www.umaine.edu/cscl.

Desktop/Laptop Computing Services

The Department of Information Technologies has facilities in several locations on campus to provide computing services. More information is available at: www.umaine.edu/it/.

Help Center, Room 17 Shibles Hall: Help center consultants provide walk-in and telephone assistance for Macintosh and Windows/Intel software support, First Class Conferencing and Internet support, disk recovery, virus utilities, and file conversion. Call (207) 581-2506, or e-mail: ITHELP@umit.maine.edu.

Public clusters of Windows/Intel and Mac personal computer are available at the Memorial Union and Fogler Library. Additional computers are available in the classroom clusters in Barrows and Lengyel Halls (Macintosh computers), and Donald P. Corbett Business Building, Little Hall and Boardman Hall (Windows/Intel computers). The Bumps Room, in the Memorial Union, provides students access to computers for e-mail and web access only. All clusters provide a wide variety of software and Internet applications, including Microsoft Office, FirstClass, Netscape, CAPS, and URSUS (the Library system).

Computer Connection, Room 28 Shibles Hall, is a store for the University of Maine community offering personal computers, printers, computer peripherals, memory, supplies and software at discounted educational prices. Phone (207) 581-2580 for a general catalog or for information about financing and renting computers. View our Web Page at ccweb.umecit.maine.edu/ or visit our showroom at 28 Shibles Hall (in the basement).

Computer Repair, Room 107 Lord Hall, services all university-owned computer equipment, as well as computer equipment owned by staff members and students affiliated with the University of Maine. It provides warranty service for Apple, Dell and Toshiba computers, and most Hewlett-Packard laserjet-series printers purchased at the Computer Connection. Extended warranty AppleCare contracts are also available. For more information call (207) 581-2512.

UMaineNet provides students living in all UMaine residence facilities (with the exception of University Park) internet access, telnet capabilities, a FirstClass account (the University’s computer conference system), as well as access to various software packages for both Mac and Windows/Intel. For more information call (207) 581-2506, or e-mail: ITHELP@umit.maine.edu.

FirstClass offers personal e-mail (including Internet mail services); public and private electronic conferencing and discussion groups; online chatting with other users; as well as Netnews and ListServe subscription services. Using your free account, you can participate in discussions on topics ranging from multiculturalism to favorite movies, keep informed about campus events, as well as obtain course information, syllabi, and assignments. For more information call (207) 581-2506 or visit: ww.ume.maine.edu/~it/fc/.

Instructional Workshops: are offered in a hands-on computer classroom for introduction to operating systems and a variety of software applications for Macintosh and Windows. Schedules, fees, and registration information are posted in the Public Clusters, at our website www.ume.maine.edu/~it/iw/, and in the Maine Perspective. Phone (207) 581-1638 for more information.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities facilitates the education of students with physical, learning, and emotional disabilities by providing a point of coordination for accommodations and special services they may need while attending the University of Maine. No qualified individual with a disability will be denied access to or participation in services or programs at UMaine. For further information please contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at telephone (207) 581-2319, TDD (207) 581-2311or see the section on Division of Lifelong Learning-Onward Program.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The University of Maine is an NCAA Division I institution (football is Division I-AA), offering 19 varsity sports. Conference memberships include America East, the Atlantic 10, Hockey East and the Eastern College Athletic Conference. For information call (207) 581-1052.

Multicultural Student Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Programs provides programming, resources and support that empowers students, staff and faculty in the area of multiculturalism. The office promotes inclusiveness and diversity by creating programs which facilitate race relations and celebrate culture. For more information call (207) 581-1405 or visit our web site at www.umaine.edu/cscl/msa.htm.

National Student Exchange (NSE)

The National Student Exchange (NSE) program offers University of Maine students a unique opportunity to enhance their academic program through study at one of over 170 North American universities within the NSE consortium. Through NSE, students may study away for a semester or academic year and earn academic credit. Program costs are comparable to UMaine tuition, fees, room and board. Financial aid recipients may apply their aid toward most NSE sites. Applicants for NSE must have a 2.5 grade point average or higher. For further information contact the National Student Exchange Coordinator in the Office of International Programs in Winslow Hall at (207) 581-1509.

Off-campus Housing

Off-campus Housing assistance is available to all students and staff at the University through the Memorial Union Information Center on the main floor of the Memorial Union. This office maintains a listing of available living quarters in the Orono, Old Town, Bangor and Veazie areas. For more information call (207) 581-1405 or visit our off-campus web site at inferno.asap.um.maine.edu/offcampus.

Religious Services

Religious programming, worship, study, conversation, and witness are provided by fifteen active student organizations. Chaplains and other religious representatives are available for counseling and/or instruction. For more information call (207) 581-1405 or visit our web site at www.umaine.edu/cscl/religiousaffairs.htm.

Student Employment and Volunteer Programs

Student Employment helps students find jobs both on and off-campus during the academic year and summer. Volunteer Programs seeks out and promotes “hands on” service where participants engage in projects with the community. For more information call (207) 581-1349.

Student Government

The University of Maine sustains a long tradition of active, independent student government. The University is committed to active student involvement in the operation of the University, not only for the valuable perspective student government brings to the planning and decision processes, but for the unique educational opportunities it gives to participating students. University of Maine Student Government, Inc. is funded and controlled by undergraduate students with the sole purpose of benefiting students through educational, cultural and social programming. Its officers include an elected president and vice-president who appoint and coordinate a diverse administrative staff representing student needs and promoting student rights. Visit us on our web site at www.ime.maine.edu/~sgov.

The General Student Senate (GSS) is the legislative unit of Student Government, Inc. under the leadership of the vice-president and has final approval over all Student Government matters. The Student Handbook provides complete details on student government structure. The Student Handbook is available on the web at www.umaine.edu/handbook.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services offers walk-in and by-appointment medical services for urgent medical problems, rehabilitation of injuries, routine health check-ups, women’s health exams, and the treatment of chronic illness. Consultations from a variety of medical specialists including eye care, orthopedics, podiatry, sports medicine, and massage therapy are available at the facility. More information about our programs can be found on our web site at www.cutlerhealth.umaine.edu or call (207) 581-4179.

Student Judicial Affairs Office

The Student Judicial Affairs Office administers and enforces the student conduct code. The University of Maine System Student Conduct Code seeks to promote the pursuit of activities that contribute to the intellectual, ethical, and physical development of the individual under the auspices of the University of Maine System and the individual campuses and to ensure the safety of persons engaging in those pursuits. It further seeks to protect the free and peaceful expression of ideas and to assure the integrity of various academic processes. For additional information call (207) 581-1409 or visit our web site at www.umaine.edu/cscl/judicialaffairs.htm.

Student Organizations and Leadership Office

The Office for Student Organizations and Leader Development is dedicated to assisting student organizations, student leaders and organization advisors to optimize their full potential by providing resources, education and consulting assistance. Our goal is to help the 100+ student organizations, their members and advisors carry out their purpose in adding exciting, fulfilling and enriching opportunities and experiences for our students and the campus community. If you would like more information about this office or student organizations, please call (207) 581-4183 or visit our web site at www.umaine.edu/cscl.

Student Publications

The award-winning student newspaper since 1875, The Maine Campus, is published Mondays and Thursdays throughout the academic school year. It is written, edited and produced entirely by University of Maine students. Its offices are located in Memorial Union. For information call (207) 581-1273 or visit the paper online at www.mainecampus.com.

The Maine Review is the University of Maine’s annual literary magazine. It publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork by University students. For further information contact the English Department at (207) 581-3822.

Study Abroad

The University of Maine encourages its students to study abroad for academic credit. Study abroad leads to the development of cultural understanding and, in some cases, foreign language skills. Study abroad adds depth to a résumé and can give students a competitive edge in the job market. UMaine offers a number of exchange programs through consortial agreements with universities in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Spain, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Many of these program’s costs are comparable to tuition, fees, room, and board at UMaine. In addition to UMaine’s programs, there are numerous other study abroad programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America that UMaine students may attend; and many of these programs are taught in English. Financial aid recipients may use their aid for a semester or year abroad, and some independent study abroad organizations offer their own scholarships. Applicants for study abroad should have at least a 2.75 grade point average. For further information about study abroad or for individual advising, contact the Office of International Programs in Winslow Hall at (207) 581-2905.

Tutoring Services

The Tutor Program provides free tutorial services in 100 and 200 level courses for students who need academic assistance related to their course work. Tutorial assignments are made in small groups of four students, all of whom have the same course and professor. By working together, students learn how to process course material as well as sharpen their reasoning and questioning skills. Sessions are process-oriented, learner-centered and require the active participation of each group member. Requests for peer tutors are accepted during the first eight- (8) weeks of the semester. Assignments are made based upon the availability of qualified peer tutors, funding and course demand. For further information, contact the Tutor Program, 104 Dunn Hall, (207) 581-2351 or see the section on Division of Lifelong Learning-Onward Program.

University Bookstore

The University Bookstore serves the academic community by selling the books and supplies required for course work and by offering a wide selection of general books, supplies and other merchandise and services. For more information call (207) 581-1700 or e-mail us at UMBook@maine.edu or check our website at www.umbook.umeadm.maine.edu/.

Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center promotes and maintains an inclusive, positive and supportive climate conducive to women’s personal and professional development at the University of Maine. It provides linkage with women and women’s organizations throughout the state. The Center serves as a resource for individuals and organizations, offering information and referrals for women’s programs and services on and off campus, providing advocacy and collaboration to help women with special needs and concerns, and bringing together women with similar values and goals.

The Women’s Resource Center promotes a closer relationship between the women on the University of Maine campus and women in the larger Maine community, reaching out to women’s programs and initiatives and providing support and guidance, including mentoring opportunities with women activists and gender equity programs for girls in area high schools. In addition to an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and videos of interest to women, the Center offers programs, provides meeting space, produces and distributes a calendar of events by and about women and promotes within the university community a broader understanding of the diverse experiences of all women. For additional information call (207) 581-1508 or visit our website: www.wrc.umaine.edu/.